Wireless Long Range Alarm System
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LA 200 Long Range GSM Wireless Alarm System

产品编号: LA200 ALarm Sytem
LA 200 Long Range GSM Wireless Alarm System is a Telephone Networking Alarm Console with keyboard & LCD display. There are 8 wired zones, 32 low-power wireless zones, 99 wireless high-power zones.

8-wired zones and 32 low power zones(433MHz), 255 high power zones

2. 24-hour time display and calendar. When power off the data will not be lost..

3. It can be enrolled with all kinds of infrared detectors, anti-fire, anti-theft detectors and emergency switches.

4. Two arming methods (home Arm and Away Home Arm) for choice.

5. Two groups of timer for arm and disarm, you can set arming and disarming depends on the working time.

6. AC 220V power supply, 12V7AH battery availble, automatic charging and automatic switching after power off.

7. It can work with warning board to display the status of host, to warn the theft.

8. It can be enrolled with the external siren and interface of arming indicator light to display the arming status of the host.

9. High decibel alarm to warn the intruder the first time.

10. Arm/Disarm by wireless remote control, password keyboard or remote  password,safe and confidentiality.

11. Automatically save alarm record and arm/disarm record for check. It can be up to 128 records.

12. It reports when power low. To avoid battery-damaged, it adopts limited current discharge protection circuit.